Optional Programs

We consider the integral development of our students and with this in mind, we aim to expand learning possibilities and experiences beyond the regular school period. Beacon School offers optional programs throughout the academic year, as well as during vacation: the Extended Day, the Optional Activities, and the Winter Camp.

Guided by the values of solidarity and collaboration, passion for knowledge and diversity, the Extended Day program provides students with individual and collective activities in various areas of knowledge that meet their need. The format is flexible and families may choose how many days of the week their children will attend, interests and pace of each age group.

The diversity of Optional Activities offered to students from Early Childhood Education to Middle School gives students the opportunity to be in contact with various forms of languages, such as Sports, Art, Science and Technology. Its main objectives are to offer students the opportunity to develop different skills, to become more acquainted with the different areas of knowledge and to develop autonomy through choices.

During the first two weeks of July, Beacon School offers the Winter Camp. With the aim of providing students with a fun vacation period, the program includes games, sports, art and cooking activities, as well as trips and attending theatrical plays. For Elementary School students, the program takes place in partnership with Go Outside Adventure Camping, including activities such as trekking, mountain biking, rafting and other challenges.