Middle School


To meet the needs of the youngsters in this new stage, the school structures itself as a challenging environment, which provides students with the opportunity to experience the school’s stated values as a member of a group and individually.

This enables students to commit to their personal development and their actions within the group. The Middle School at Beacon aims to broaden the student’s understanding and use of new concepts and procedures; provide academic precision; and help develop a student who is able to shift between different information, understand and speak in different languages, and commit to his/her learning process.

The integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum deepens the specific areas of knowledge, and provides mastery over contents and concepts and the means to express them in different languages.


Research Skills

The subjects are supervised and oriented by experienced teachers who guide students to go deep in the studies and to follow the procedures, which are tackled through interdisciplinary projects. The pedagogical activities consider the academic rigor and are done through the investigative approach, using English and Portuguese as languages of instruction.

Guidance Program

This program aims to ensure the healthy development of the student and his / her group. It integrates access to information and discussion about themes relevant to the age range, such as building a life project, gender and sexuality, use and abuse of psychoactive substances, legal and illegal, interaction, use and abuse of digital technologies and social networks.

Study Skills

The procedures give support to students to master different uses of tools and to handle, analyze, process and produce information in different languages. They include - among others - reading, understanding and comparing texts from different sources, elaborating abstracts and maps, writing essays, building graphics and infographics, producing, publishing, and managing personal and third party productions.

Elective Courses

From sixth year on, students complete their class schedule with subjects of their choice. Through this program, they expand their repertoire and deepen studies in areas of their interest. It's the opportunity to experiment and build a personal, choice-driven path. In 2017 they were offered elective courses such as Photography, Journalism, Creative Writing, Mindfulness.


  • Language and Literature


  • Spanish Language


  • Mathematics


  • History and Geography


  • Sciences


  • Arts & Music


  • Physical and Health Education