The Early Childhood Education

Beacon recognizes the arrival at school as a child's first experience outside the family environment, and ensures a careful adaptation process. The school welcomes the young students into an environment that was specially designed for them, and that is conducive to the development of bonds.  

Play is a priority. Through play and interaction with other children and educators, they gain independence, organization, and self-esteem. Invited to investigate, observe, and explore, the children participate in individual and group activities, in which their interests, abilities, and needs are valued.

The school ground is the stage for countless investigations, explorations, exchanges, discoveries, bonds, and achievements. It is in the freedom of play that the child experiments discovers, and produces knowledge. As an affectionate place, Beacon recognizes and validates the integrity of the child through different interactions. The welcoming and appropriate spaces for each age group allow for free exploration and promote the involvement of children in the learning process. It is in the partnership between family and school that we take care of the children's adaptation together, respecting the time, rhythm, and needs of each one of them and their families. The educators have as a premise the attentive look that seeks to encourage children to translate their feelings into different languages. It is our privilege, as early childhood educators, to witness and celebrate this special moment in the life of each child and their families.

Slide We focus on the global development of the child, prioritizing
the different languages.
Slide We encourage imagination, welcome curiosity, and empower
the creative process of children in an exciting environment
that prioritizes playing in the learning process.
Slide We invite children to recognize themselves as part of a group,
where our actions contribute to an ethical and empathetic
coexistence, respecting diversity.
Slide The routine brings consistency and security to the
child's day-to-day so that he or she can take ownership of
their daily life in an autonomous way.
Slide We value the partnership between school and family through
open and constant dialogue, prioritizing transparency in the
child's development.
Slide The development of autonomy permeates the entire school
routine, being a fundamental basis for the construction of
the child's identity.
Slide The environmental studies, connected to the Units of Inquiry,
provide collective moments and broaden the children's world
vision, where the investigative look, valued by the school,
transcends its walls.

Areas of Knowledge in Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education curriculum at Beacon School is focused on children's multiple languages. The curriculum is organized in the following areas: Identity and Autonomy, Language Arts, Natural Sciences and Society, Mathematics, Visual Arts, Music and Drama, and Body and Movement.

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  • Identity and Autonomy


  • Languages


  • Arts and Music


  • Mathematics


  • Nature Science and Society


  • Body and Movement