Early Childhood

Beacon understands that children´s first arrival at school is their first experience outside the familiar environment; and ensures a careful assistance through the adjustment process. The school embraces these children within an educational setting that fosters their growth, development and learning process.

It is also very important that young children have language rich experiences that can help sustain the development of their mother tongue as well as the learning of English as a foreign language. See more…


Elementary and
Middle School

Elementary School – Literacy consolidation, the continuing development of oral communication and the ability to express oneself in Portuguese and English, the understanding of scientific issues, the expansion of research skills and student´s posture awareness are deeply rooted in our Primary Years Program. See more...

Middle School – This stage aims to broaden the student’s understanding and use of new concepts and procedures; provide academic precision; help develop students who are able to move around and assimilate different information; understand and speak different languages, and commit to his/her learning process. See more...




Beacon School will start its High School division in 2021, which empowers these adolescents to make their own choices, promotes opportunities for the exercise of citizenship and autonomy; and provides a challenging academic program.

The High School courses will develop students who are capable of doing and participating in the selection process and entrance exams to universities in Brazil and abroad alike. The course will offer the International Baccalaureat Organization (IBO) Diploma Program as well as a curriculum focused on national issues. This enables students to make choices from a wide range of academic possibilities.



Beacon celebrates 10 years

On February 9th, Beacon celebrates 10 years. Together –...


Parents experiment together with their children during the end of year celebration of Early Childhood Education

The closure of Early Childhood Education is an important...


Exhibition 2019 addresses topics such as public health, environment and art

Fifth graders (Y5) presented the Exhibition, the Primary Years...


Circus students present to parents

The students enrolled in the Circus Optional Activity performed...

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